A Response to The Adult Film Community Regarding Netflix, Herzog & Co., and “Hot Girls Wanted 2”


A few people in the adult film industry have expressed disappointment in my facilitating their involvement in the Netflix docu-series project. Mostly because I did not disclose the involvement of Rashida Jones.

I did not know Rashida Jones was involved.

I asked members if the production several times. The producers lied. Flat out. After two days of considering my response to the production company (Herzog), I sent this text to the executive producer/show runner. A porn talent whom I unwittingly got involved with the project told me that it’s ironic that involvement with an entity outside of the porn industry is the one time they felt exploited. That’s to say that every time a person in the porn talent pool makes a choice to participate in professional porn, it’s under full and informed consent based on the realities of the situation. The irony is that a mainstream production can make a fully-clothed person feel exploited by obscuring the facts, robbing them of said choice.

To be clear, at no time did anyone involved with the production, above the line or below the line, disclose to me Rashida Jones’ involvement under direct and specific questioning by me. They assured me she was not attached in any way.

It was under this false pretense that they sought access to people and productions, from the top-level directors to new talent, who would otherwise have declined had they been informed. Those whose lives may have be affected by this in any way, you have my full and unqualified apologies. Most of the filmed content was cut from the final project, but this is irrelevant and does not make a lie any less egregious. It’s the principle that matters.

As a decade-and-a-half member of the adult film community, I seek only to illuminate the best of what we as a community are capable of. This, I believed, was such an opportunity. It was in that capacity that I chose to participate in the project.

I welcome contact and questions from anyone who was affected and aggrieved by this. I also invite anyone from Herzog et al. to defend themselves with straight talk and facts, not ad hominem and spin.

Tyler Knight

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