BURN MY SHADOW: A Selective Memory of an X-Rated Life

Burn My Shadow follows the porn career of Tyler Knight, a black porn star who stars mainly in porn for couples. A star who breaks all stereotypes and barriers, Knight's story is one of race and sexuality that pushes the boundaries of what is thought of porn and porn stars. Tyler Knight is a one of a kind star, and this is his story.

"Tyler has one of the craziest life stories I've ever heard--and to top it off, he can really write. It's a rare thing for someone to both have something to say, and be able to say it well, but Tyler does."

-Tucker Max 
#1 New York Times best-selling author of  I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL


  • Bukakke

  • Affliction

  • Something's Rotten in Chatsworth

  • Orgy

"A great, but disturbing read!" 

 —Joe Rogan, UFC commentator, Host of NBC's Fear Factor, and The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast 

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Praise for Burn My Shadow

  • "Tyler Knight’s scalding and eye-opening memoir, Burn My Shadow, may well do for the sex industry what Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle did for meat-packing – with the difference that the author, a porn actor who writes like a cross between Ralph Ellison and Celine, actually packed his own meat. At once a full-frontal meditation on 21st Century American celebrity and an up-close, blow-by-blow of life as the ultimate first person shooter, Burn My Shadow’s real shock is not its Triple X-centric content, but the deep heart, wild-ass humor and fearless humanity of the writing itself. The perfect anecdote to literary memoir fatigue, Burn My Shadow is a truly unique, genre-defying, un-put-downable triumph."
  • "Tyler has never fit the typical mold of 'porno guy.' He's great looking but he isn't a meathead. His sensitivity, curiosity and introspectiveness are what make him so appealing."